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Amazon Web Services, Orange Business Services, Microsoft Germany

Global Presence. European Sovereign Hosting. Your Own Cloud. You choose.

Deployment Targets

Deployment Targets

Amazon Web Services

Amazon invented the cloud, they define the standard, and have
datacenters all around the world. Enterprise is deployed in a highly resilient triple redundant architecture to 27 possible datacenters in 9 regions across the Americas, Europe or Asia, with edge points in hundreds of locations. A choice of 3rd party CDNs gives your business even more flexibility, and your customers the fastest response times in the business.

Our 99.99% uptime SLA guarantees less than 5 minutes of unscheduled downtime a month.

Deploy To A European Cloud

Customers with data location constraints or safe-harbor concerns can select data-centers in European countries operated by a European cloud provider not subject to US Law.

That is why we have partnered with two Sovereign Cloud Providers to Orange Business Services, the French Sovereign Cloud Provider as well as with Microsoft’s Azure Sovereign German hosting solution. And if you need to be hosted anywhere else, talk to us, we might very well have a solution for you. And comes with the same triple-redundant stack that provides you enhanced security, stability and seamless scalability that you’ve come to expect.

a PaaS for public and private IaaS

Contact us to learn why Orange Business Services, a 7B€/Year company chose as its PaaS provider.

This strategic deal allows European customers that want to host in the EU to enjoy the performance and productivity benefits of on a sovereign infrastructure. can be easily deployed on any OpenStack based cloud infrastructure, and can be easily ported to other cloud stacks.

Contact us for more

Deploy on your own IaaS

As a IaaS provider (either as a public cloud or an internal one) what happens when you really want the productivity gains of working with has been designed to run in a multi-cloud environment and we are adding deployment targets all the time. As a strongly decoupled grid of micro-services it can accomodate for many deployment use-cases. Contact us for details.

White Papers & Case Studies

White papers, case studies and other materials for Enterprise - access this page here.

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