SaaS on

How can I offer my web app as a SaaS product?
SaaS offers your customers a lot of advantages...
Let's discuss single-tenant vs multi-tenant.
How can I get the advantages of multi-tenant for my
single-tenant app?

Case study: Open Social

Open Social the Drupal distribution
  • Drupal distro for community groups
  • Customers have their own instances
  • Customers don't get server access

Open Social SaaS

  • Open Social built their own management tool
  • Uses APIs internally
  • They didn't even talk to us!
  • It was that easy
Open Social has their own billing plans

Single-instance runtime

  • Every customer has their own SaaS instance
  • Every customer has their own project
  • They just don't know, or care

The vendor, however, can use the PaaS backend for
update management and customizations.

Git-based updating

  • Open Social manages the code
  • It's all "just git", so easily automated projects are managed through Git

The vendor gets the benefit of our multi-tenant cloud while keeping single-tenant application architecture.