Operating at scale

I have 300 sites to manage. Help!

Large fleets pose large problems

  • Provisioning
  • Updating
  • Access control
  • Support and problem resolution

Provisioning - automate it

Our API is fully scriptable.

Updating - automate it

  • Manage your source code and push it out via Git and scripts.
  • You decide what the workflow is.
  • Update into a testing branch or straight to prod, your choice.

Access control - automate it

Run commands on multiple projects using the CLI or API calls.

Support and problem resolution

Create tickets using ZenDesk
  • We've got your back with 24/7 infrastructure support.
  • Your helpdesk team can escalate relevant tickets to us directly via ticket sharing.

Platform.sh is a one-stop solution for web hosting.

The more sites you need to manage,
the greater the benefit of our fully automatable solution.