How to update a fleet of websites with the API or command line


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Operating at scale doesn't just mean meeting the demands of a single application.

As your business grows, you may have multiple application across an entire fleet that each require diligent management.

Managing fleets introduces new and large problems. How do you efficiently provision new sites? How do you manage updates for each site when needed across the whole fleet? How do you control your developer's access to each of them? What's the support lifecycle for problems?

With, provisioning can be completely automated since our API is fully scriptable. doesn't restrict your updates workflow at all, so you can decide to test pushed updates on dedicated testing branches.

Through the CLI or our API, controlling developer access can be fully automated as well, giving you fine grained control over who can contribute to which project.

And when it comes to support, provides 24/7 infrastructure support where you can open and share pressing tickets we can escalate quickly to resolution.

All of this makes a one-stop solution for web hosting. As the number of sites your team manages grows, the greater the benefit you'll receive from the fully automatable solutions we provide.

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