Control costs

I don't know how popular my website will be. I want to PAYGo.

Spinning up 1 or 100 new projects has no upfront costs.

No hardware. No defining a devops pipeline.

Scaling up or down is just a button click

or command line away.

There are no capital costs (CAPEX). At all.

All costs are on-demand operating costs (OPEX),
under your control.

Who has time to setup infinite testing environments?

We do, and it takes just a few minutes, no matter your site.

Want more services in your application? Just add them.

We handle

  • Configuration
  • Security updates
  • Infrastructure

You handle what matters most

Your application

Support included

Create tickets using ZenDesk
  • In case of trouble, we're your support team, too.
  • We've got your back with 24/7 infrastructure support.

No hardware to manage,
no devops to coordinate,
no servers to build

We are your on-demand DevOps team