Running Anaconda environments

My applications require the full Anaconda data science stack!

Installers for Conda-based environments like Anaconda and Miniconda work on!


# Download the latest Miniconda3 release and name the file ``

curl -o

# Run the conda installer

bash -b -p $PLATFORM_APP_DIR/conda

# Put the `conda` command in the path

. /app/conda/etc/profile.d/

# Activate the conda environment and install the full Anaconda environment

conda activate base

conda install anaconda

Simply include a bash script that configures the Conda environment in the build hook.


# Activate the conda environment that was created in the build hook

conda activate base

# Run whatever commands you need from Anaconda

jupyter notebook

Then, just activate the conda environment before you run your web app in your start command!

All of Anaconda's packages get baked into your app container.
Anaconda isn't the only possibility! Any stack that can be installed with Conda—like R, PyPy, and Stackless Python—can be used!