Deploy Gatsby with Drupal on

This template builds a two-application project to deploy the Headless CMS pattern using Gatsby as its frontend and Drupal 8 for its backend. The gatsby-source-drupal source plugin is used to pull data from Drupal during the post_deploy hook into the Gatsby Data Layer and build the frontend site. Gatsby utilizes the Configuration Reader library for Node.js to define the backend data source in its configuration. It is intended for you to use as a starting point and modify for your own needs.

Note that after you have completed the Drupal installation and included a few articles, the project will require a redeploy to build and deploy Gatsby for the first time. See the included README’s post-install section for details.

Gatsby is a free and open source framework based on React that helps developers build statically-generated websites and apps, and Drupal is a flexible and extensible PHP-based CMS framework.

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Gatsby with Drupal
Apps & service containers provided:
Node.js 12
PHP 7.4
MariaDB 10.4
Redis 5.0
Automatic TLS certificates
npm-based build for Gatsby
Composer-based build for Drupal
Multi-app configuration
Delayed SSG build (post deploy hook)