European Agency Roadshow

Different European cities in the months of November and March.

UK, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. is an Idea to Cloud hosting vendor, also known as a really smart container based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

We have thousands of customers, several hundred of whom run High Availability (HA) mission critical web-applications servicing target markets across Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific and China.

Our PaaS also brings development teams huge productivity and safe deployments. All automated, no infrastructure management at all.

Roadshow Schedule

31st January 2019 Milano Armani Hotel 8am - 10am Breakfast
26th March 2019 Oslo The Thief 8am - 10am Breakfast

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Event Agenda

We just raised $34m

Want to know what we're doing with it all - you should, it's all coming your way!

New positioning

We’re growing up! From a Continuous Deployment Cloud Hosting provider into an Idea to Cloud Application Platform. What will this mean for you?

An update plus what’s new

An overview of our Code driven infrastructure management, high productivity developer workflows, cloning at the speed of thought, NoOps automation and failsafe deployments to live.

New! Have you considered White Labelling as your own? Several well known global software vendors have already done so, including Magento, Symfony and eZ Platform. You can too with our new Agency White Label offering.

Productivity metrics, process gains and project savings

Our customers tell us they are getting fast development, fast deployment and fast performance!

We have a lot of data, which we’re going to share with you.


We are compliant, and we’ll explain why! We’re also in Europe, so some of the issues you still need to cover yourselves for when working with non-EU vendors go away.

Winning bigger projects with

Wrapping into your bids will increase your win rate for better projects, let us show you how.

Kubernetes Alternative - Case Study

We are seeing more and more agencies and enterprise coming to us for an out-of-the-box container management platform.

Building it yourself turns out to be really expensive, and will take you many man years of effort, so why are you even thinking about doing this?

A roadmap your dev team would die for!

Gartner are calling us a Hi-control Application PaaS, but they don’t know the half of it!

  • Self-healing projects and auto-scaling
  • Automatic Compliance Enforcement (so you don’t have to)
  • Application to the Edge (no more CDN)
  • High Availability (HA) for all plan sizes - from self-service to enterprise
  • Local Development
  • Usage based billing
  • Support for .net and Java support

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If you want to bring other colleagues/customers and need time to confirm,
register now with a target number, and we will hold the reservation for you.

What our agency partners have to say!

Agency Technology Staff sites
Inviqa Drupal, Symfony, eZ, Magento, Spryker 300 62
Liip Drupal, Symfony, Node 150 10
Annertech Drupal 23 48
MD Systems Drupal, Symfony, eZ 20 40
Five Mile Media Drupal 10 18