Unlocks Continuous Deployment With an End-to-End Platform That Enables Developers to Build, Run, and Scale Applications

TL; DR: introduces a reliable way to safely deploy updates created in a cloned production environment by removing any fears about breaking your website or application in the middle of a critical traffic spike. The company’s multi-cloud platform streamlines infrastructure configuration and management to simple YAML files, enabling developers and startups to more easily launch and scale containerized or headless applications. Vice President of Marketing Chris Yates shared his own experiences using and how the user-focused company continuously aims to simplify development and delivery. Share

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About enables teams to develop and deliver web applications at scale, with an end-to-end Platform-as-a-Service. With, organizations can focus 100 percent of their time on building amazing experiences–and zero time managing infrastructure. With headquarters in San Francisco and Paris, serves more than 5,000 clients and their 65,000+ developers worldwide. Customers like Unity, The Economist, Kaplan, CFL, Reiss, Pinterest, and The British Council rely on to launch, scale, and manage their fleets of websites and applications.