New Features

Wrap your head around custom headers

One of the requests we've gotten in the past few months is the ability to customize the HTTP headers that get sent with static assets.

New Features

Let's Encrypt
New Features

Free SSL certificates for every project & every environment

At, we believe that all websites deserve to be secure, fast, and feature-rich, and that it should be easy to have all three.
New Features

More flexible elastic now available

Elasticsearch is one of the most popular Free Software search engines available. It’s fast, flexible, and easy to work with. It’s also now fully up to date on
New Features

Now you can save time in a database

(With due apologies to Jim Croce.)
New Features

Multiple MySQLs Make a Marvelous Multisite Machine

(Because alliterations are always appropriate.)
New Features

Redis, now for long-term keys and values

Redis is a popular key-value database, well-regarded for its speed and simplicity. has offered a Redis service for quite some time, which is configured not to store data but to keep it only in memory.
New Features

New year, new Solr, new features

After ending 2016 with a new PHP version and starting 2017 with a new HTTP version, we’re
New Features

Announcing HTTP/2 support!

All the fastness just got faster.
New Features

Next Wave PHP now supported

We were hoping to have this announcement out in time for Christmas gift but it was not to be. Instead it’s an early New Years gift.
New Features

This week in new features - Build-time variables

As we wrote about recently, all of the inputs to an application running on are clearly defined, predictable, and with one ex
New Features

How repeatable deployments work

One of the key selling points of is predictable, repeatable deployments. We view the read-only production file system as a key advantage for our customers. But why is that, and how do we manage it?
New Features

Application updates for PHP containers

PHP was’s first supported language, and so has had a few quirks as we’ve grown to support more programming languages.
New Features

PostgreSQL 9.6 and PostgreSQL Extensions!

We’re happy to announce the availability of PostgreSQL 9.6 as a choice of service in
New Features

Fully customizable build flavors

At, we believe your application should be deployed on your terms.
New Features

Another UI release this month...

We just deployed our new UI release 2.16 logically enough after 2.15 (which added eZ Platform to the new project wizard) and 
New Features

UI version 2.14 released

Following our recent deployment UI release 2.14, check out our 4 improvements!
New Features

UI version 2.13 released

It’s been a month now since our previous UI release 2.12 . And today, we just deployed a new UI 2.13 release.
New Features

UI version 2.12 released

After only two weeks since our latest UI update we have just deployed a new UI one!
New Features

UI version 2.11 released

Here are the list of web interface enhancements which will make your life easier:
New Features

June Features Update

June has been a busy month again at! Maybe you have seen us at the following events:
New Features

UI version 2.10 released

It has been a while since we have made an announcement about UI updates. But today, we’re happy to anounce a new release for the web interface.
New Features

May Features Update

If you’ve followed up on news recently you may have seen it’s been quite a wild ride recently.
New Features

CLI version 3.0 released

We are proud to release a new major version of the CLI.
New Features

NodeJS versions 0.12, 4.4 and 6.2 supported

We are terribly happy to announce beta support for NodeJS in
New Features

Java Ant and Maven build scripts supported is a tool for serious people; And serious people use Java tooling.
New Features

HHVM versions 3.9 and 3.12 supported

Today we are proud to announce that HHVM is available as an application service on
New Features

RabbitMQ version 3.5 supported

Today, we are proud to announce that RabbitMQ is available on
New Features

PHP versions 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6 supported

Hi, I’m proud to announce that starting today, testing and deploying your applications on various PHP versions has never been that easy!
New Features

Documentation version 3.0 released

Today, we are proud to announce version 3.0 of the documentation. In this release, we have split the documentation into multiple guides:
New Features

Bitbucket add-on released

Today, we are proud to announce the launch of the add-on for Bitbucket.