We're deploying a new podcast about web technology

Robert Douglass
Robert Douglass
Chief DevRel Officer
11 Feb 2021

Today we’re happy to announce a new podcast: Deploy Friday: hot topics for cloud technologists and developers. The podcast is an outgrowth of our Deploy Friday webcast series and is available on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Nearly a year ago, in March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic was just beginning to crash down upon us. The dozens of tech conferences we had planned to attend were cancelled or went virtual. One of the reasons we attend conferences is the opportunity to keep up with the latest in theories and practice by engaging brilliant technologists in freewheeling conversations. We were worried that losing that opportunity would mean losing some of the value we provide to our clients.

But then we realized we could continue fostering those conversations virtually and broadcast them so you could enjoy them, too. A year later, we’ve published 40 episodes of the Deploy Friday webcast to YouTube and are recording a new episode every week.

Classic episodes

Looking to make it even easier for you to join in the conversation, we’re converting previously recorded episodes of Deploy Friday into podcasts. We’re launching with six episodes. We’ve cleaned them up acoustically and added generous show notes. New webcast episodes and older episodes from the backlog will be added every week.

We’ve had so many fantastic conversations in the past year! For example, we started the series with a discussion about the open source tools, including Mattermost and Nextcloud, we found essential for working remotely.

One of the great pleasures of Deploy Friday is getting to talk to brilliant guests about their topics of expertise. In this episode, we invited representatives from Strapi and Gatsby to talk about the rise of the headless CMS and the different models competing for dominance there.

We often talk about specific frameworks, such as the Quarkus framework for Java. Here we talk to three RedHat technologists about Quarkus’ small memory footprint and fast startup time.

We hope you enjoy the new podcast. We plan to release multiple episodes every week. To listen in, find us on your favorite podcast service and subscribe.

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