UI version 2.13 released

Manauwar Alam
23 Aug 2016

It’s been a month now since our previous UI release 2.12 .

And today, we just deployed a new UI 2.13 release.

You might already know, from past several months, we have been working continuously to provide better user interface for application management, which also comes from you as a feedback and part of feature requests. In this release you can see many enhancements to inform you precisely about warnings, errors and notifications.

  • SSH Key already in use
  • Error notifications
  • Failed Build notifications
  • Branching, handling mulitple environments
  • Synchronization
  • Live status

SSH Key already in use

Are you a existing customer of Platform.sh? Do you have multiple accounts? If yes, It’s our job to keep you informed while adding SSH key which is already in use.

SSH keys in use

Error notifications

Platform.sh offers you a nice UI to handle many configurations of your applications. Sometimes action fails and things go wrong– might be poor network connectivity, limited access or just another reason… Don’t worry! You will be informed nicely. :)

Environment Not Found

Update 403

Failed Build notification

We won’t let you go with failed build! It would be highlighted more for your quick attention!

Failed Build

Branching, handling mulitple environments

Platform.sh offers multiple environments for your continuous deployments. Now, you can organize all your enabled/disabled branches in a nested structure. All child environment would be visible under parent. No more confusion!!

Nested tree structure


Platform.sh offers synchronization. And, this is the key feature of continuous develoyment! Now, you can synchronize child environment from the parent with a nice prompt

Sync data and files

Also, to avoid complexities we won’t let you to synchronize child from disabled parent.

Live Status

We are putting more effort to make our service more secure, reliable and scalable. And, this comes with regular updates and scheduled maintainance. Now it’s very easy to check status.

Check status