Java Ant and Maven build scripts supported

Ori Pekelman
Ori Pekelman
17 Nov 2015 is a tool for serious people; And serious people use Java tooling.

Anyway, if you are serious or not.. you can now use Ant and Maven build scripts on this is supported for PHP versions 5.6 and up (and will not be back-ported to earlier versions).

This is great news for people who have their tool-chain based on these environments… and this should allow you to pull basically any Java dependency and use it in your project.

So make sure that in your you specify the PHP version as follows:

type: php:5.6

Apache Ant

To use Ant or Maven simply call them from your build hook. Assuming you have a build.xml file in your root directory you could simply run:

build: ant


For maven you would have a pom.xml file in a subdirectory you would do something like:

build: mvn compile